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Transforming your Constructions Business – Part 1: Race to the Bottom

    Nov 12

    Construction companies stand to gain a lot when they embrace technology. Enjoy more productivity, better safety, and improved documentation with a digitally transformed business. That’s why we have identified 5 trends to help you seize the opportunities to outpace the competition, control expenses, and have a profound impact on project success.

    For the whole whitepaper, containing all 5 construction trends, download our whitepaper for free here.

    The Race to the Bottom

    Construction businesses feel a lot more pressure from clients today. There’s a need to finish even faster for significantly less cost.

    Timelines are getting shorter and clients are demanding a lot more. It feels like you’re racing to the bottom, bidding less and less on projects with narrowing margins and tighter deadlines.

    Don’t let finicky projects drag you down. You can finish more projects more efficiently with the right technology.

    The right tools will help you not only meet but exceed your customers’ demands. Get a competitive advantage by making technology work for you. Speed up your timelines and improve margins with these clever tech features.

    1. Get real-time visibility

    You want fast, error-free communication between the field and the office. The right tool gets everyone on the same page without the back and forth.

    Work execution platforms allow PMs to collaborate from any device or location. It’s the perfect way to encourage quick communication and transparency.

    In fact, a 2018 study found that 93% of businesses with these platforms improved performance and visibility.

    These systems also give business owners an easy way to check in with real-time dashboards and reports.

    DTI Enterprise Content Management gives your team access to all the documents, data, and information they need to be successful. That means they’ll be more likely to deliver projects on time and under budget. It’s an easy way to keep yourself, your employees, and your clients happy.

    2. Simplify Your processes

    If construction were simple, everyone would be doing it.

    Construction projects have multiple phases, deadlines, and parties involved. Even the smallest slip-up can cost thousands of dollars and delay a project for months.

    Do you really need long-winded processes that take up tons of time?

    Sure, you feel like you’re covering all of your bases, but you aren’t being efficient. Waiting for information and approvals is costing you time and money.

    Tech is the perfect solution for simplifying your processes.

    For example, DTI’s process improvement services streamline approvals, billing, and other time-consuming tasks. Have the freedom to bid on complex projects with a clean internal process that boosts your revenue.

    3. Reduce compliance risk

    Compliance Executives in construction companies are highly paid individuals.

    They provide oversight in facilities and work-sites to ensure that they are accessible, safe, healthy and environmentally sound through inspections, audits, job hazard analysis (JHA), process and procedural reviews.

    They are responsible for protecting the company, its employees, and their clients. Failure can mean the loss of life.

    Ensuring these critical departments have the tools needed to manage compliance is absolutely worth the investment if it prevents one catastrophic accident and the aftermath of lawsuits, fines, and operational interruptions.

    Technology can manage safety inspections, incident reporting, audits and other processes to support job site safety procedures and federal reporting requirements.

    4. Use integrated solutions

    Tech isn’t an answer by itself.

    It’s how you use the technology that matters. Smart tech solutions don’t just solve one problem for your business, either; they’re multi-purpose.

    Look for an efficient solution that isn’t a one-trick pony. For example, DTI’s Enterprise Content Management Systems let you manage processes, tasks and information, from one central hub.

    Smart tools allow us to collect information automatically from other systems such as ERP and project management solutions so users go to one place to find the information they need.

    5. Get mobile

    Your employees are working in the field, at the office, from their mobile devices, and on desktop.

    You need a cloud-based system that works— no matter your employees’ location or device.

    Mobile solutions are now mainstream. Your teams expect to be able to communicate and work from a variety of devices.

    Improvements in wireless connectivity and speed is having a huge impact in every industry and construction in particular is poised to take advantage of a wireless and connected world.

    As clients become more demanding, construction businesses have to keep up. Don’t let your competitors out-perform you. Embrace efficient solutions that help you bring in more business with better margins.


    To learn about all of the trends that we are seeing where construction and digital information management meet click the button below and download whole paper for free.


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