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Mar 22

How to Migrate ECM Applications

When organizations consider migrating to a new ECM system, they fall into one of two ...

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Mar 15

The Cost of Wasted Software and IT Neglect

A study conducted by 1E found that companies waste on average 37% of their software ...

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Sep 29

A Controller's Secret Weapon in 2021

Financial controllers today are required to both manage the financial health of the ...

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Jun 9

Creating a Digital Workforce

Many organizations still rely on manual tasks to complete vital business processes, such ...

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May 11

Webinar Recording: Trending E-Form Software That Pays for Itself

Where did that document go? Why are these numbers different? Who accessed this document ...

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May 7

What is Robotic Process Automation?

In this article, we'll answer the most common questions people new to RPA have, like:

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Mar 26

Information Lifecycle Management

Information isn’t just a collection of digitized data—it’s a real asset for your ...

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Mar 12

The 3 Essentials of Dealing with Construction Labor Shortages

The Associated General Contractors of America released a survey recently stating 80% of ...

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Mar 3

What Are Content Services and How Do They Compare to ECM?

The technology world is riddled with acronyms and buzz words, many developed by marketing ...

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Feb 28

3 Challenges for Construction Enterprises in 2020 — And How To Solve Them

Construction isn’t an easy industry. Between managing client needs, your employees, and ...

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Feb 18

5 Questions to Ask Your ECM Provider

The landscape is changing fast!  What do you need to know to keep up with the rest of the ...

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