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Document capture is not about scanning paper documents anymore. Modern capture solutions are about collecting information and images from a variety of sources with minimum human effort. Information can be harvested from online sources like vendor or customer portals, email, data streams, and of course paper.

Capture solutions can automatically classify documents, extract important information, and deliver images and data to the right person. Companies also can take advantage of mobile capture solutions that enable users to complete forms, submit data, and pictures to be part of a work process. 

With the right capture solution you can:

  • Reduce work processing times – start processing work as soon as its available
  • Eliminate or greatly reduce data entry
  • Reduce errors and rework by validating data quality
Some companies prefer to outsource the capture process completely, for information on outsource services click here.

Improving your capture processes and capabilities can have a dramatic impact on your productivity! To learn how you can cut time and errors from your process, connect with Ryan to learn more.

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