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Paying the bills is not often the first place people look when trying increase the profitability of their company but its impact can be significant. Optimizing invoice processing reduces operational costs, ensures on time payments, and provides greater insights and control to cashflow. That’s where DTI’s Invoice Processing Services delivers immense value.

The business case for AP automation is well documented. As a result, organizations are seeing cost per invoice drop from $12.00 per invoice to less than $3.00. This is not unusual and the savings are real. So due to this, the path to savings is much shorter than it used to be for organizations of all sizes.

Our complete invoice processing services include:

  • Invoice collectionThrough email, postal mail, or other method, we collect and digitize your invoices. Once in a digital format we have greater control and you have immediate access and insight.
  • Invoice Processing – Once digitized, we collect the data from each invoice. Invoice number, amount, date, vendor information and other elements are collected and validated.
  • Invoice and data delivery to you – Every client processes invoices differently, so we provide multiple options for delivering your invoices and data. After processing, the data is uploaded to your existing invoice approval software or ERP system. We work with your team to identify what is best for your organization.

What You Gain

  • Cost savingsLeverage our AP operations and investments in specialized hardware, software and trained personnel. Focus your team on high value tasks and let us handle the data entry.
  • On time processing Your invoices are processed quickly!  Priority vendors and utilities can be escalated to ensure prompt payment.
  • Accurate payments Specialized technology improves data accuracy and prevents errors. Controls are put into place to ensure compliance of your corporate policies.

Insight and Reporting – As a part of our program you will receive on demand reporting on invoice processing. Custom reports can be tailored to your specific needs.

Your AP’s team value is not in data entry, but in their ability to keep an eye on your growth and development. They need to make sure payments are made in time so your operations flow smoothly. Most of all, they need to work with procurement to ensure you get value for the money you spend.

Let us remove all barriers preventing you from attaining AP value.