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Feb 28

What You Need to Know about Secure Document Scanning

Secure document scanning is a critical process for businesses that handle sensitive or ...

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Feb 15

Comparing Traditional Payment Methods with vCards

Many businesses today are leveraging new payment technologies to issue payments within ...

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Feb 14

Documentation Requirements for Federal Funding

Documentation requirements for federal funding can be a complex and confusing process for ...

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Jan 31

American Iron and Steel Requirements for Contractors

The "American Iron and Steel" (AIS) requirement from the 2014 Consolidated Appropriations ...

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Jan 24

Top 10 Key Performance Indicators for AP Teams

Accounts payable (AP) teams play a critical role in managing a company's financial health ...

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Jan 17

Build America, Buy America Contractor Requirements

The Build America Buy American (BABA) Act is a federal law that requires the use of ...

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Jan 12

Optimizing the B2B Payment Process: What You Need to Know

There's a big difference in how fintech and banks approach payments. Banks tend to view ...

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Jan 11

How To Automate Your Vendor Payments in 2023

1. Provide your 12-month vendor pay history for our analysis. The data elements to ...

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Jan 10

Digital Transformation as Recession-Proofing

In an uncertain and unstable environment, your business may need to reevaluate its ...

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Dec 14

What are Virtual Cards (vCards) and why are they trending?

A virtual card is a digital representation of a credit card that is typically generated ...

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Nov 29

Paper Or Plastic? Why ePayment Fees Are Still Better Than Paper Checks

Digital transformation and technology are necessary for business success. In spite of ...

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