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Solving the Content Problem in Construction

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you like collecting, managing, and tracking documents? If ...

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Aug 6

Digital Transformation: Three Critical Success Factors and Three Ways to Fail

The IT community and business consultants are buzzing around this concept of Digital ...

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Jul 23

Defining Digital Transformation

Like many trends in technology the Digital Transformation trend can mean different things ...

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Jul 18

Top 10 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right ECM Solution


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Jul 9

Get Rid of Data Entry for Good! Alternatives for AP

If you are frustrated your valuable, skilled employees spend too much time on data entry ...

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Jul 1

What are Your VCM Replacement Options?

Thousands of companies are facing the same challenge: Viewpoint is no longer updating VCM ...

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Oct 3

What’s new in ApplicationXtender (AX) 16.3

For a long time, AX stood in line behind other products in the EMC portfolio, patiently ...

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Jul 17

Are Information Silos Putting Your Company at Risk?

How many places do you store information? How many applications have the ability to add ...

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Jun 7

Surprising Wins for Compliance Audits

Say the phrase “We’re being audited” and watch people cringe. Why is that? The reason is ...

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Apr 26

What Makes a Successful ECM Software Support Partnership?

    Recently I was contacted by someone that used to work for one of our clients.  It ...

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Changes to Kofax Capture Support

Changes to Kofax Capture Support Kofax 11.0 was released last fall with their product ...

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