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Ian Campbell

Ian Campbell
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Sep 11

Stuck in the Stone Age: Automating Accounts Payable Is Overrated

Ah, the joys of manually shuffling paper, deciphering illegible handwriting, and playing ...

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Sep 5

Enhancing Efficiency and Compliance: The Role of Invoice and Payment Automation Software in Addressing Accountant Shortages

In today's global business landscape, supply chain disruptions and labor shortages have ...

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Aug 16

My Bank Already Offers This Service

Banks and other financial institutions have been offering vendor payment automation for ...

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Aug 14

The Impact of Supply Chain Disruptions and Labor Shortages on AP Pros

In today's global business landscape, supply chain disruptions and labor shortages have ...

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Jul 10

Success Stories of AP Automation Implementation

Companies are constantly seeking ways to streamline their operations and enhance ...

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Jun 14

vCards and the “Invoice-to-Payment” Cycle

vCards are an essential component of an AP automation solution. We look at AP automation ...

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May 10

vCards and Accounts Payable Automation

If you’re using an AP automation solution, and are looking into vCards, you’re already on ...

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Apr 12

Ten Reasons to Automate Your Vendor Payments

We spoke with some of our customers and asked them the top ten reasons they selected DTI ...

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Mar 23

The Battle For Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems can be the key to unlocking cost savings and ...

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Mar 14

On-Site Scanning Services

On-site scanning services offer a convenient and secure way for businesses to digitize ...

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Feb 15

Comparing Traditional Payment Methods with vCards

Many businesses today are leveraging new payment technologies to issue payments within ...

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