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What You Need to Know about Secure Document Scanning

    Feb 28

    Secure document scanning is a critical process for businesses that handle sensitive or confidential information. At DTI, we offer document scanning expertise, infrastructure, and a modern, secure cloud storage repository to help you find what you need when you need it most. We can help you prioritize and achieve your goals through a series of backfile conversion and day forward scanning programs. Our team of experts can even receive, open, and scan your documents at our secure facilities.

    There are several measures that DTI takes to ensure the security of documents during the scanning process:

    • Physical security measures: This could include using secure facilities or locked storage areas to keep the documents safe while they are being scanned.

    • Data encryption: Digital copies of the documents can be encrypted to protect them from unauthorized access.

    • Access control: Measures can be taken to control who has access to the scanned documents and to track who has accessed them.

    • Redaction: Sensitive information can be removed or obscured from the scanned documents to protect it from being seen by unauthorized individuals.

    There are several measures that can be taken to ensure the security of documents during the scanning process. These might include physical security measures, such as using secure facilities or locked storage areas; data encryption to protect digital copies of the documents; access control to control who has access to the scanned documents and track who has accessed them; and redaction to remove or obscure sensitive information from the scanned documents.

    Secure document scanning is particularly important for healthcare companies that require HIPAA healthcare privacy law compliance, as well as other highly regulated industries. By using DTI's secure document scanning services, these companies can ensure that they are in compliance with regulations and protect the confidentiality of their sensitive information.

    Don't risk the security of your sensitive or confidential information – trust DTI to handle your document scanning needs. Schedule a call with Keith today to get started.

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