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The business case for AP automation is clear from cost savings to avoid the headaches of human error but choosing the right technology to support your financial systems and a solutions provider you can trust to deliver on their promises is the challenge.

Paying the bills is not often the first place people look when trying to increase the profitability of their company but the impact can be enormous. Optimizing invoice processing reduces operational costs, ensures on-time payments, and provides greater insight and control into cash flow.

That’s where DTI’s invoice processing services deliver immense value.

  • Invoice collection –Through email, postal mail, or other methods, we collect and digitize your invoices. Once in a digital format, you have immediate access, insights, and greater control.
  • Invoice Processing – Once digitized, we collect the data from each invoice. Invoice number, amount, date, vendor information and other elements are collected and validated.
  • Invoice and data delivery to you – Every business processes invoices differently, so we provide custom solutions for delivering your invoices and data. After processing, the data is uploaded to your existing invoice approval software or ERP system. We work with your team to identify what is best for your organization.

The Benefits of AP Automation

Knowing that you can trust DTI for the nuts and bolts of AP automation is important, but what really impacts is the impact that moving forward with an AP automation strategy can have on your business.

Cost savings: Cut the cost of invoice processing by up to 75%.

On time processing: Time is money and money is time. Get invoices out faster and improve your cash flow.

Prevent errors: We’re humans and humans make mistakes. Leverage the true value of your team and the benefits of technology at the same time with accounts payable automation. And the giant excel spreadsheets you are using are confusing and unreliable too!

Less exposure to risk: Automation makes audits easier.

Insight and Reporting: Real-time reporting dashboards.

Scale: Your AP’s team value is not in data entry but in their ability to keep an eye on your money!