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IT sprawl consumes businesses’ time and money. When you rely on many separate products to overcome process challenges, it creates new ones: an inability to scale and financial inefficiency.

Whether you’re taking taking small steps towards a paperless office or are invested in a complete digital transformation, you can benefit from ECM services that streamline and automate your business processes, so your team can focus on business growth.

It’s time to go paperless, yesterday. Your competitors have cleaned out their warehouses of documents and are saving time and money each and everyday while you drive out to the warehouse to get a paper copy. Digital transformation is a must in today’s competitive environment. Your team needs it. Your customers demand it.

Benefits of Document Scanning

  • Eliminate paper drag by converting paper documents into electronic files.
  • It doesn’t need to take hours to get documents. Go digital and it takes seconds.
  • Get instance access to all of your digitally converted documents
  • Address compliance, security, and liability requirements
  • Reduce costs, streamline processes, go paperless

Our Greensboro, NC based document scan services center services clients from Winston Salem to Raleigh to High Point to Charlotte and beyond.

Benefits of Working with DTI

  • Meet your budget - scan as little or as much as your budget allows.
  • We handle all document and file types - even PDF and electronic files.
  • Large format and batch scanning
  • Monthly/recurring pick-up and delivery services available.
  • Binders, bound books, lab notebooks, or any other paper files

Contact DTI to learn more about what we can do to make document conversion apart of your digital transformation with a free consultation.