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Still got boxes in an empty office?

With fewer people in the office, time to offload centralized document processing functions and distribute information digitally. With flex capacity, DTI has the capacity and the technology to get the job done right.

➡️ Able to process 2 million images in a month

➡️ Large format capabilities up to E size drawings

➡️ Book scanning 

➡️ Full OCR capabilities

What is document scanning?

DTI document scanning converts your physical paper documents into a digital format. We save all of your scanned documents in a centrally-located, high-volume capture system for easy retrieval.

Instead of filing documents in rows of filing cabinets or stacks of boxes, free up the office space with a single source of information for your team. Thanks to optical character recognition (OCR), DTI takes your information out of file folders and puts it back in your team’s hands. The technology we use in our labs gives you rapid access previously locked away in files cabinets or forgotten boxes.

DTI's document scanning process

Step 1: Document preparation and sorting: You focus on your business while DTI prepares your documents for scanning. We even offer convenient pickup and delivery services.

Step 2: Scanning and indexing your documents: DTI uses advanced technology to convert your paper documents into digital files. You can even specify the file type, like PDF. 

Step 3: Document quality control: DTI reviews your scans to ensure the documents are easy to read. If we see any problems, our team digitally enhances images for clarity. 

Step 4: Access your documents in the cloud: Our team uploads your documents to your central repository, where your team can easily search for scans based on keywords, date, and more. 

Step 5: Fulfill compliance: Do you need evidence of your document scanning completion? DTI is happy to offer paper destruction certificates upon request. 

The benefits of DTI document scanning

  1. Increase productivity. Don’t spend hours sifting through paper documents. Document scanning improves your business processes by eliminating paper drag. Improve productivity across your enterprise, accessing critical documents in mere seconds with DTI.
  2. Stay compliant and secure. Does your organization have a plan for security, disaster recovery, or compliance? DTI document scanning improves your team’s access to important information, gatekeeping this data so it’s only accessible by authorized parties. With improved digital documentation, you can easily provide proof of compliance to auditors, too.
  3. Save space and reduce costs. DTI document scanning saves space by reducing your need to store paper documents. Free up expensive office space for more important matters. With a reduced need to print, you’ll see greater operational savings, too.
  4. Convenience. DTI is here to make your document scanning experience as convenient as possible. That’s why we offer batch scanning, multiple file types, and recurring pickup and delivery options. We even offer remote-friendly scanning options to unify your information management practices no matter where your employees work.