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Why Fire & Life Safety America Chose Compass by DTI for their ECM Platform

    Apr 22

    As invoice router users, Fire & Life Safety America was concerned about legacy technology features and a dated user experience. They chose Compass by DTI because with Compass, they have a clear path forward with enhanced capabilities and no risk or expense of moving all of their content.

    Compass is a solution that includes workflow, dashboards, and integration tools, which allows Fire & Life Safety America to peel away VCM, Invoice Router, and CDM modules, and replace them with updated components. These components are integrated with Fire & Life’s core image repository, so there is no need to replace it.

    Christopher Bennett, Chief Financial Officer at Fire & Life Safety America, said, “we’re really excited about this project. We were concerned about the migration costs and training time with other solutions. Compass met our needs and solved our biggest concerns with a migration.”

    In addition to the efficient migration, Fire & Life Safety America is realizing other benefits by moving to Compass: 

    • Replaces and enhances VCM functionality on a more modern platform
    • Extends greater workflow functionality (is not limited to AP)
    • Provides workflows for contracts, HR, compliance, and others
    • Provides better insights and reporting, along with Dashboards

    Ryan White, President of DTI, said, “for invoice router users, Compass is the fastest to onboard and most cost effective option for enterprise grade ECM tools.”

    About Fire & Life Safety America 

    logoFire & Life Safety America has experience with fire suppression and alarm systems. They provide a fully integrated fire protection installation with FLSA professionals who have years of broad fire protection experience. They strive to have the best qualified, most knowledgeable people in the industry to serve your life safety needs.

    About DTI Integrated Business Solutions

    DTI_logo-3Eliminating the cost and hassles of managing corporate information by improving the way you find, share, process, and secure it has been the core of DTI’s existence to their loyal customers for over thirty years.

    If you would like to learn more about Compass, get instant access to the recorded demo here.


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