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What are Your VCM Replacement Options?

    Jul 1

    Thousands of companies are facing the same challenge: Viewpoint is no longer updating VCM and will soon no longer support it. VCM customers have until May 31, 2020 before they are forced to either continue to use an unsupported and outdated software application or find a replacement option.

    The risk of holding off is too great: losing integrations with other applications along with security risks like data breaches, losing customer data, and, well, the list could go on and on...

    The companies we've helped find sustainable solutions for fall into two camps: 

    Migrate to a replacement enterprise content management software application 

    If you've grown, have new business process challenges to fix, or found that VCM wasn't the right fit for you in the first place, this option makes sense. The challenge is choosing the right option among so many ECM software applications and dealing with all of the hurdles that come with switching software.

    Choosing COMPASS

    COMPASS is unique solution because it's the only one that allows you to continue to use Invoice Router. Because of its similarity,  training costs are minimal and technical migration is relatively painless. This is a great option for construction companies who like what they have but also recognize that they need ECM software that's being actively developed and supported.

    A much smaller number of companies have chosen to stay with VCM, but use DTI's support services to keep the wheels turning. In the near-term, this is workable. It can be the right answer if, for example, it's best to delay the tax benefits of a software purchase till 2021. 

    VCM replacement considerations

    The short answer is: the best option depends upon your needs. Some of the most common questions and considerations including:

    • The total cost of ownership including the initial cost, maintenance, and future upgrades
    • System reliability, security, and scalability
    • Ensuring that your ECM solution has the right functionality for your use
    • Ease of use and user training
    • The time that it takes to implement the system
    • Mapping your business goals to content management technology

    Our job is to understand your unique set of challenges and offer the right solution. This is how we do it

    Schedule a consultation with our digital transformation experts today. We can help you build your VCM replacement road map and identify the right solution to meet your needs.


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