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Transforming your Constructions Business – Part 5: Business Automation

    Dec 10

    Construction companies stand to gain a lot when they embrace technology. Enjoy more productivity, better safety, and improved documentation with a digitally transformed business. That’s why we have identified 5 trends to help you seize the opportunities to outpace the competition, control expenses, and have a profound impact on project success.

    If you wish to read the whole document, containing all 5 parts, then download our whitepaper for free.

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    Business Automation

    Construction isn’t easy!

    Not only are you facing a lack of skilled labor, but client needs and competition make it harder for you to earn a living.

    With fewer skilled employees and more pressure on your business, you’re more likely to make mistakes. Incorrect data entry, illegible forms, endless meetings—these manual processes feel necessary, but they’re destroying your margins.

    You don’t need to waste your time on manual processes. Software like Compass automates repetitive tasks so you can deliver projects on time, ensure compliance, and make better decisions.

    Compass is one possible solution that will speed up your business in four major ways with the power of automation.

    1. Spend less effort on menial tasks

    Does your team spend hours on paperwork? Are they married to their inbox? Do your employees spend hours every day in long, unproductive meetings?

    Automation fixes all of that. DTI Compass has features like real-time updates and automated approvals, as well as task tracking.

    Monitor your project status and never skip a beat paying invoices. Instead, you can spend your time on what matters: growing your construction business.

    2. Reduce error

    Your decisions are only as good as your data.

    But if you’re using manual processes and paperwork, you aren’t collecting error-free information. No business is perfect, but automation will significantly reduce the number of errors in your system.

    Thanks to automated forms and real-timereal time updates, you can collect better data with the power of DTI technology.

    3. Remove the red tape

    Have you ever worked on a project that kept getting held up by red tape?

    Bottlenecks happen a lot in construction, and they’re a big reason why projects go over budget. Automation helps you streamline approvals and avoid as much red tape as possible.

    In fact, DTI’s workflows will help you see upcoming due dates, ensuring the project stays on track.

    4. Standardize workflows

    Speaking of workflows, traditional construction businesses aren’t always consistent

    If you have a training manual, it’s usually out of date, which means employees have to learn from each other. Instead of hoping your employees are taking the right steps, make it automatic.

    DTI Compass automates your employees’ tasks, so they know what’s expected of them and when. Remember that technology is a tool. You’ll need buy-in from the team to make workflow automation a reality.

    Instead of telling your employees what to do, collaborate with them on your workflow automation. Create a system that works for everyone so employees will actually follow your process.


    To learn about all of the trends that we are seeing where construction and digital information management meet click the button below and download whole paper for free:


    Construction Content Management Digital Transformation

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