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Transforming your Constructions Business – Part 4: Real-Time Updates

    Dec 3

    Construction companies stand to gain a lot when they embrace technology. Enjoy more productivity, better safety, and improved documentation with a digitally transformed business. That’s why we have identified 5 trends to help you seize the opportunities to outpace the competition, control expenses, and have a profound impact on project success.

    If you wish to read the whole document, containing all 5 parts, then download our whitepaper for free.

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    Real-Time Updates

    It’s very, very common for construction crews to use paper documentation in the field.

    Even if your crew is using their phones, it’s unlikely that the data is stored in one, trusted hub. It’s probably sitting in an email inbox where it could be easily lost.

    Other construction businesses give software tools to their office employees but not to their construction crews.

    You don’t want to be on either end of this spectrum!

    Transformation can only happen when every employee has access to (and faithfully uses) your business tech. This lack of technology causes lag time, which means you aren’t getting important information when you actually need it.

    The less information you have, the slower your decision-making. The slower you move, the better chance your competitors have of taking your projects. When do I use real-time tech? There are so many applications for real-time technology in construction.

    Here are three main ways DTI clients use ECM apps to stay in touch:

    1. Automation

    Every second you wait for client approvals, vendor signatures, and schedule confirmations costcosts you money. ECM software automates manual processes, sending and gathering information in real-time.

    The system works automatically so you can enjoy better insights without the handholding.

    2. Track data

    Many ECM options include workflows for HR, legal, and accounting. Ditch the reams of paperwork and digitize your data.

    All of your information is in one central location, making it even easier to monitor every aspect of your business.

    3. Communicate with field workers

    A lot of construction companies still rely on phone calls from field workers for project updates.

    But that means you’re waiting hours between updates from your crew. A lot can happen in two hours, and that’s why you need real-time updates from your crew.

    This is a simple fix too! Your field workers can quickly update their progress using an app connected to your Enterprise Content Management software.

    As soon as they enter their information, DTI populates that data in your central hub. We can even include photos and forms to give your office workers richer information.

    Remember, your employees will have different skill levels with technology. That’s why you need to choose an intuitive platform that’s super simple to use. Your employees deserve real-time mobile solutions that improve efficiency.

    Stop waiting on paperwork, emails, and phone calls. Let the data come through automatically with enterprise content management solutions from DTI.


    To learn about all of the trends that we are seeing where construction and digital information management meet click the button below and download whole paper for free:


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