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Transforming your Constructions Business – Part 3: Tech Communications

    Nov 26

    Construction companies stand to gain a lot when they embrace technology. Enjoy more productivity, better safety, and improved documentation with a digitally transformed business. That’s why we have identified 5 trends to help you seize the opportunities to outpace the competition, control expenses, and have a profound impact on project success.

    If you wish to read the whole docment, containing all 5 parts, then download our whitepaper for free.

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    Trend 1: The Race to The Bottom
    Trend 2: Safety’s No Joke

    Tech Coms in Construction

    Between subcontractors, clients, and employees, you have a lot of communication going through your office.

    With paper systems, it’s only a matter of time until something important falls through the cracks. You can’t compete with other construction businesses this way.

    Paperwork and phone calls have their place, but they’re slowing down your entire operation.

    Get your head out of the 90s and embrace the gift of modern tech for your construction business.

    Replace your spreadsheets, emails, phone calls, and paperwork with a cloud-based solution that works for you.

    DTI is a trusted partner that helps construction businesses communicate with various parties without lag time.

    In fact, a recent study found that 71% of construction businesses that switched to Enterprise Content Management solutions like those that DTI supports saw increased productivity, while 47% saw their business become more competitive.

    Use these tips to find a platform that helps you communicate with dozens of stakeholders without missing important information.

    1. Real-time updates

    Communication needs to be happening in real-time. You don’t want to operate under last week’s schedule after all. All team members have access to the information they need without waiting for updates.

    Make faster decisions and speed up your project with a real-time solution provided by DTI.

    2. Task management

    Sometimes workers need a little … motivation to stay on task.

    Prevent snoozing on the job by holding your office and field employees accountable with task tracking software.

    Employees can use task software to check off their to-dos no matter where they are. It keeps employees focused on work and results, building accountability into their day without constant oversight on your part.

    Know who’s responsible for which tasks and ensure items are completed with a task solution. It’s the best way to automatically manage your employees’ workload and productivity.

    3. Client transparency

    Clients can be demanding, but their needs aren’t impossible to meet.

    In fact, the right technology can help you meet and even exceed the needs of finicky customers. Technology helps you give clients more transparency, accurate timelines, fewer errors, and better client experience.

    For example, DTI gives you the power to automatically collect client signatures during construction. Document permissions and client inspections with easy e-signing solutions.

    DTI integrates with digital signing software so you can collect client communication in one central hub—no digging required.

    4. Integration

    Remember, technology needs to make your life easier.

    Look for a solution that integrates with the systems you’re already using. This way, you can avoid the headaches of learning a new platform or migrating all of your data.

    Look for clean integrations instead of using third party custom code whenever possible. This will reduce communication errors and help you stay up to date no matter what.

    For example, Ratchet integrates content and data for ERP systems and Project Management systems on one content platform for better data without the need for migration.

    5. User permissions

    Of course, you don’t need to be open about all of your communication.

    Memos between management and sensitive client documents need to be protected for obvious reasons.

    That’s why DTI provides different levels of access for each user. Designate the level of access to protect sensitive information from prying eyes. Cooperate better with employees, clients, and subcontractors with technology.

    Not only will you have a record of all communications, but you’ll save lots of time and money in the process.


    To learn about all of the trends that we are seeing where construction and digital information management meet click the button below and download whole paper for free:


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