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Top 10 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right ECM Solution

    Jul 18


    Choosing the right ECM solution can be a difficult task for any company. Dozens of software solutions are out there, each offering similar underlying functionality.

    So what should you consider when weighing your options? Here are the top 10 factors to consider when choosing an ECM solution for your enterprise.

    1. How does this ECM align with my business objectives?

      This is as much about you as it is the software. When you know what your objectives are, it's a matter of matching your goals to the strengths of your best options.

    2. Ease of Use

      Is the application intuitive? How much training will your users need to learn how to use it? The right solution balances features, customization and ease of use with your goals.

      Training is an inevitable cost of any new system, but some applications are more difficult to learn than others.

    3.  Provider Support & Experience

      The right ECM service provider is a long-term partner. ECM software is complex and it's important to have a support in place in addition to a partner that can solve new business challenges as you grow.Find a provider that will also fulfill the role of a partner that has the experience to provide you with training and support.

    4. Automation of Workflow Process

      Most modern ECM software captures, processes, and stores paper documents in digital form. The more features the software has, the most capable it is of automating your business processes. That said, look for a solution that can handle future growth but not over-complicated for your needs.

    5. Ease of Integration with Other Applications

      An important consideration is your tech stack. The more native integration between your other systems the better. You may need to account for custom integrations as part of the implementation timeline and budget.

    6. Scale-ability

      You need an ECM solution that is (near) future-proof. A solution that will grow as your business grows.

      Choose a system that not only satisfies your present-day needs but also one which can support the potential growth of your organization.

    7. Cloud Compatibility

      Storage on the cloud can provide you with greater access to information and improve your ability to manage your documents within a secure private or public cloud. Not all cloud storage is created equal, so do your research before determining that the cloud where your organization could potentially store information is actually secure.

    8. Compliance 

      Industry regulations only become more complex. As are regulations for any company’s digital presence. Be sure that your ECM application is able to follow them.

    9. Security

      Your documents are valuable. You must be confident that your ECM provider will keep it secure. Here are some security factors to consider: 

      • Provide total visibility and control

      • Perform automated backups on a regular basis

      • Monitor document usage and track user activity

      • Ability to grant different permission levels

    10. Anywhere Access & Mobility

      There is an increasing need to access information from laptops, phones, and tablets. The right ECM solution will work well where its needed for you.

    11. Bonus! Dashboards and Reports

      Leadership needs to know what's working and what's not to make informed decisions. Reporting capabilities vary, so be sure to consider this.

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