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Solution Highlight – Replacing Viewpoint’s Invoice Router

    Oct 22

    Invoice router is an AP solution designed for construction companies enabling them to scan, code, and route invoices for approval. Approved invoices and data are then committed to ApplicationXtender for digital storage and the coding information is sent to a variety of accounting systems including Viewpoint Vista, Sage, Starbuilder, and others.

    If you are one of the many companies still using Invoice Router (sometimes called VCM, Viewpoint Content Manager, CDM, or Construction Document Manager) and wondering what’s next, you have options. This is the story of one of our clients that has modernized their environment and replaced Invoice Router completely.

    DeCal Construction ECM Case Study

    DeCal Construction offers integrated construction solutions and related services. They have been using Invoice Router for years and enjoyed the stability and performance of it. When support from Viewpoint became slow and inconsistent, they found DTI. DTI immediately resolved several lingering issues with their Sage 100 / Timberline integration.

    Fixing an old application only worked for so long. They were running on old servers and their systems desperately needed upgrading. At the same time, they couldn’t risk upgrading for fear Invoice Router wouldn’t work. They were stuck!


    DTI introduced Compass, a workflow, integration, and reporting platform for construction companies. Compass is integrated with ApplicationXtender so DeCal was able to leave all of their existing content in place. DTI replaced Invoice Router with a new workflow tool that met their AP needs, and was flexible enough to be used across their organization.

    Now, workflow is available to the entire organization, not just AP. All of their routing rules, codes, and exception handling requirements were quickly built and imported to Compass. The configurable system was designed to resemble the screen actions of Invoice Router so user training was minimal.

    Robotic Process Automation

    For the integration to Timberline, DTI used Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software. Dramatically improving over the custom built, hard coded integration of Invoice Router, software robots take over and automatically extract data from workflow forms and enter it into Timberline. Robots are fast, reliable, and never take a sick day!

    Reporting Dashboard

    Finally, DTI added a reporting dashboard providing owners, executives, and managers insight into performance and productivity. In a quick view, you can see:

    • How many invoices are being processed
    • How much is due to be paid when
    • If any transactions are approaching their due date
    • Transactions that need to be escalated

    DeCal got more than an AP solution. They modernized their content management system, implemented new technology that can be leveraged in other departments, all with minimal impact for existing users.

    If you are a VCM or Invoice Router user and want to hear about your options, schedule a time with our construction content management expert, Ryan, here.


    Construction VCM Replacement

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