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Large format scanning

    Nov 7

    Where do you keep your oversize drawings? Architectural drawings, engineering prints, or parts drawings are difficult to store. Yours are likely stacked in a corner, wrapped with rubber bands, stored in cardboard tubes, or, if you’re lucky, kept in high-density filing cabinets. 

    But the older your drawings, the harder it is to store them. Frayed edges, creases, and other wear and tear mean your oversize documents become less usable over time. 

    Even if you feel like you’re storing these documents, blueprints, and architectural drawings correctly, you need to have access to them at all times. You might be storing these files in cabinets, but when you need to access and share these files with others, it’s incredibly difficult. Facilities and maintenance staff need files too and, in some cases, you might have legally enforceable retention requirements. To ensure compliance, you need to store these documents in a secure but accessible way. 

    Don’t rely on outdated storage methods. Digitize your large format drawings to immediately create a usable, shareable copy of the original. You’ll have a backup copy of your most important drawings without taking up any floor space. Best of all, these files can be reviewed on a laptop or a mobile device from anywhere in the world, saving time.  

    Whether you’re a utility company, manufacturer, contractor, architecture or engineering firm, or government agency, there is tremendous value in digitizing your large format documents. 

    DTI’s large format scanners create high-quality digital images in your choice of black and white, grayscale, or full color. Our professional team has experience handling all types of documents in a variety of conditions. Thanks to our advanced software, we can take documents of even the poorest quality and convert them into clean, readable images. 

    Information from the title block of your drawings can be used to index information like drawing number, revisions, and date information. This allows you to import the most relevant images and data into your content management system. Or, if you don’t have an ECM, digital scanning allows you to store these files on hard drives using a similar file structure. Project plans and other multi-page documents can be captured either as single set or multi-page files, too.

    Your DTI project manager can work with you to determine the precise requirements for your situation. As part of our large format document scanning services, we offer: 

    • Engineering Drawing Scanning
    • Architectural Drawing Scanning
    • Blueprint Scanning
    • Map Scanning
    • Project Plan Scanning
    • Survey Scanning
    • Highway Plan Scanning
    • CAD Drawing Scanning
    • Manufacturing Design Scanning
    • Parts Diagram Scanning
    • Circuit Diagram Scanning
    • Large Format Scanning

    Eliminate bulky documents, ensure compliance, and get your team on the same page.


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