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How to Minimize Business Security Risks with Managed IT Services and Solve IT

    Jul 6



    Solve interview


    The Edited Transcript

    Here at DTI, we appreciate that we have many customers across the country, and they're looking for a lot of different solutions. We know that we don't provide all of the solutions a business requires, so when possible I wanted to introduce a partner that we know does great work and that you can depend on them just like you can depend on us. Today, I have Tim Dixon with Solve IT Securities, and he's going to spend a few minutes with us talking about some of the things that he does.

    DTI: All right so Tim first of all tell us a little bit about IT managed services. What is it? What does it encompass?

    Solve IT: So that's a great question! Managed services may be a term that a lot of people aren't familiar with and it's a breaking point from the traditional IT guy who you call when your computer is running slow or something goes wrong. We are not a 'reactive solution' we are a 'proactive solution'. For businesses who do not want the expense of hiring their own, in-house IT departments or the headache of managing an IT department. They can bring us on board to do all that for them as an extension of their companies.

    We can partner with businesses. We can use tools. We can use software. We have professionals on staff. We can manage help desk requests that come in for issues that are maybe reactive like outlook issues things like that but we also have tools in place that can send us alerts. Reports. We look at that to see things coming and be as proactive as possible not just from a IT, keep things up and running perspective, but also from a security perspective making sure that you're not vulnerable to viruses or being hacked and things like that.

    DTI: I think one of the things that people are curious about... what kind of problems do you solve the most? 

    Solve IT: You've obviously got a lot of the 'I don't remember my password' tickets, printer issues, and other things like that, but we're seeing more security related issues. Things like 'hey, I received a convincing phishing email that looks like my office 365 password expired, I entered the password, nothing happened and now someone has my password'.

    Unfortunately, we have people who get hit by ransomware. We clean that up and restore everything from a backup all that we put in place. To help prevent ransomware attacks, we can assess possible exposure and vulnerability and make suggestions that can can reduce your likelihood of security breaches.

    DTI: When we talked about putting this video together security was one of the topics that we talked about because unfortunately a couple of our customers have been hit by ransomware. Those are some of the things that you can help train companies to prevent and recover from should they get hit.

    Solve IT: Statistically, 70% of malware and data breaches come from someone clicking something by accident, so a big part of the solution is employee training. There are other pieces: employing software or systems, having good policies and procedures in place for how you manage your IT security, and equipment can also be set you up for success.

    DTI: I appreciate you jumping on with us today. before we leave I want to make sure people know how to get in touch with you if they have any of the issues that we talked about here, other follow-up questions, or want to learn more about the services that you provide. What's a good way for people to reach out to you?

    Solve IT: Our website is solveitsecurity.com or you can send an email to info@solveitsecurity.com. Both are great ways to get in touch with us.

    DTI: I hope this results in you being able to help some of our customers solve their IT challenges. Thank you to everyone watching today.

    To learn more about managed IT solutions, check out Solve's website.

    Solve IT Security

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