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Creating a Digital Workforce

    Jun 9

    Many organizations still rely on manual tasks to complete vital business processes, such as collecting, reviewing and inputting information between systems, websites and portals. Robotic process automation eliminates these manual tasks across your organization.

    These robots, your digital workers, use software and intelligent business rules to mimic specific actions employees take while performing tasks in various applications. While a robotic workforce sounds like something out of Star Wars, the technology is really an evolution of proven content management applications and business process automation tools.

    Leading companies are investing heavily in robot workers. 50% of North American and European organizations state that automation will significantly improve their processes over the next 3-5 years. The IT robotic automation market reached 1.1 billion in 2019 and is forecasted to grow at a 33.6% CAGR from 2020 to 2027.

    But before you run headlong into this trend, it's important to understand what companies get the most value out of a robotic workforce. Essentially, you need two key ingredients.

    1. A documentable process. Don't mistake documentable for simple. The steps and conditions can be complex, but the process itself must be standardized.
    2. A high volume process. If you process one or two invoices, job applications, or other forms in a given month, a RPA isn't going to be cost effective. But these robot workers will work 24/7 for you if your volume requirements demand it.

    If you meet these prerequisites, you could benefit from creating a digital workforce for your organization. Here are some of the results that you should expect by deploying a digital workforce.

    By the numbers

    • Creates an immediate 25%-50% cost savings by automating tasks at a fraction of the human equivalent
    • Increases staff productivity, service levels, and capacity by 35-50%
    • Consistently delivers 100% accurate data
    • Decreases costly errors for a 0% error rate
    • Slashes processing times by up to 90% (30%-50% reduction for an average process)

    Delivering value

    • Drives more value and profit for your business
    • Frees up knowledge workers and IT employees to work on higher-value proejctse
    • Allows you to respond to customer and business needs fastere
    • Provides insight and nalaytics, so you can undrstand your process better and continue to improve your operations
    • Enables you to deploy IT projects in weeks, not months, as no coding is needed

    If you would like to learn more "Creating a Digital Workforce," where you will learn more uses case for digital robots, industry stats, see mini-case studies, and have the information that you need to determine your next steps.



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