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Automate Processing of CAT Parts Invoices with a new Module for ApplicationXtender

    Nov 12

    Your construction firm needs to be efficient to stay profitable. However, manual invoicing makes it impossible to move quickly. That means you’re spending more money on processes that don’t work, tying up capital and team resources in the process.

    Be a better, faster organization with automated tools. This new module makes quick work of invoices, helping you save on time, money, and errors.

    The CAT Invoice Process Module is an extension of ApplicationXtender. This new module automates invoice processing between CAT dealers and construction companies, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Thanks to automation, this module saves you time, eliminates rework, and improves accuracy. If you’re working with multiple CAT dealerships, this module significantly speeds up the invoicing process, too.

    The CAT Invoice Process Module benefits your team in so many ways, including:

    • Eliminate invoice scanning and manual data entry
    • Improve accuracy
    • Go 100% paperless with your CAT invoices
    • Significantly reduce the time required to process invoices
    • Always associate invoices with the correct job
    • Protect your sensitive information with encryption

    How the CAT Invoice Process Module works:

    Curious how it works? We’ve broken down how construction businesses use the CAT module to speed up invoicing.

    1. The dealer creates the invoice and uploads it to the CAT IP system. Please note that the dealer must participate in the CAT IP to use this module.
    2. CAT’s IP system sends the invoice data to workflow through the CAT Invoice Process Module.
    3. The invoice is saved to a database and converted into a PDF that can be inserted into ApplicationXtender.
    4. ApplicationXtender receives and indexes the PDF automatically.
    5. Your system detects the new invoice and begins a workflow for routing that invoice.

    Whether you want to eliminate paper, speed up your workflow, or just become a more efficient construction company, DTI’s certified specialists are here for you. Find the perfect solution for your company with a free consultation.



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