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An Alternative to Hiring

    Oct 21

    We're hearing from more and more employers who are challenged by today's labor market. Personnel shortages have become chronic on many teams and finding qualified, motivated workers is proving to be near impossible for many businesses.

    Consider this from an article by Deloitte on the global labor shortage:

    In the United States, while the number of job openings surged 33% from Q4 2019 (figure 1), more than 9 million people remained unemployed

    With the increase in job openings, your position announcement is competing against many other companies. Between the tight labor market and inflationary pressure, wages are being pushed ever higher. Even if you do successfully recruit a candidate, you will have paid a premium and that bloated overhead will stick with you the entire time that the employee remains with your business.

    There's a better alternative to hiring; it's business process automation with DTI. With business process automation, there are two key benefits that help you manage your business's bandwidth and grow even in this labor market.

    1. End your dependency on institutional knowledge. Get processes out of your team's head and build systems and process that persist no matter who is on your team. 
    2. You automate high(er) volume processes. It doesn't matter how complex the process is, so long as you can document the process and account for contingencies, technologies like robotic process automation can do the heavy lifting.

    With automation, you are building a digital workforce. BPO can streamline your processes in many areas of your business. The most common implementations are in Accounts Payable, Human Resources, Legal and other departments.

    Here's how we do it. 

    Business Process Improvement Methodology

    Learn and understand
    We learn about your business to understand why you have a need and the impact of the problem.

    Your needs and goals are unique and so is your solution. We account for your priorities and develop a solution that works for your people.

    Prove it
    You get a preview of the final product before the full implementation. Small adjustments are made to ensure goals are met while keeping to the project scope.

    We know implementations can be challenging. You receive frequent, scheduled project updates and have access to a project dashboard so you always know where the project stands. Communication is key to project success.

    Review and support
    Once the solution is in place, we help you refine it and tune it. As you change and grow, we stick by you so you're always efficient and able to scale.

    Next Steps

    Put the power of automation in your hands with our “Creating a Digital Workforce” download. Inside this resource, you’ll learn:

    • The benefits of using digital workers to augment your human workforce
    • Industry trends that you need to know
    • Best practices for deploying a digital workforce in your organization

    See how you can eliminate repetitive tasks using robotic process automation in this guide. 



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