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7 Reasons Why AP Automation is a No Brainer

    Jun 22

    The list of reasons to implement AP Automation in your organization continues to grow. We’ve compiled a list of the most common benefits that companies realize when they implement AP Automation programs.

    1. AP Automation Works

    Hear me out! There’s a lot of hype around technology and it’s not always clear whether it will work for your company or whether the payoff is there. AP Automation is a tried and true technology with clear benefits for companies with cumbersome processes and/or the volume to get a return from the investment.

    2. Enables Knowledge Work

    AP departments have taken on a more strategic role and are responsible for more high value work than ever. Automation reduces the time your team spends on low-value, manual processes and allows them to focus on work that impacts the bottom line.

    3. AP as a Profit Center

    Running a sustainable company requires that business leaders manage overhead. Time-consuming tasks like account payable processing are low-hanging fruit. With AP Automation, you’ve “hired” a digital workforce but it works 24/7 and scales as your company grows.

    4. Shorten Approval Times

    Reducing the time from receipt to approval can open up early payment discounts with your vendors that you weren’t able to realize with manual processes. Experience better cash flow and reduced overhead with speed. As the old adage goes, time is money.

    5. Automation Works with Paper Invoices Too

    You might think that you can’t take advantage of AP Automation because your creditors and suppliers send old-fashioned paper invoices. Not so! If you get emailed receipts, great, but we set up a PO Box to send paper invoices to. We collect, scan, and store the digitized documents for you.

    6. Compliance Without the Hassle

    Highly regulated industries from the financial industry to healthcare benefit greatly from AP Automation. A rigorous tracking system, audit trails, and automated processes that reduce human error help businesses and public entities meet regulatory requirements and internal compliance standards alike.

    7. Embrace the Distributed Workforce

    In a post-COVID world, there are more teams working from home than ever. If your business has embraced remote work or a hybrid approach, AP Automation supports the distributed workforce reducing the need for in-person staff.

    Say Goodbye to the Paperchase

    Ready to say goodbye to the paperchase of manual invoice and payment processing? DTI will automate and optimize your invoice processing, providing best-in-class speed, accuracy and consistency. If you are looking for a simple and more secure way to manage payables, our team and the technology we use are here for you. Reclaim the time spent on tedious manual tasks, and free your finance team to focus on more important work.

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