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5 Questions to Ask Your ECM Provider

    Feb 18

    The landscape is changing fast!  What do you need to know to keep up with the rest of the class?

    1. What’s your mobile strategy?

      If you’re not mobile your nobody!  The way people work is changing.  We are on the go, in the field and in meetings.  But we are always connected.  Giving people the ability to handle tasks, know what’s going on, and access information anywhere on any device is critical.

    2. Do I have to go cloud?

      There is so much buzz around cloud technology today that most people just assume cloud is the right option for them.  Truth is, there are a lot of reasons you may not want to go cloud.  Ever hear the the saying if all you’ve got is a hammer then every problem is a nail?  Not all cloud technology is equal so evaluate your true requirements and the solution providers capabilities to make the decision right for you.

    3. Can I see your product roadmap?

      Technology changes quickly.  You want to know what’s on the horizon for the product you choose or already have in place.  Every company will be different and that’s good!  You don’t want all of your options to be the same, find the company that has a strategy that aligns with you.  Do you want ‘out of the box’ solutions or do your want custom?  Do you want to rely on vendors or do it yourself solutions?  There is a fit for everyone, make sure you find yours.

    4. How do I integrate with other systems?

      This is one of the most common questions we get and here’s where I will give you insight to the vendor side. Our first response should be “How do you define integration?”  If your vendor is worth their mustard, they’ve handled integrations before and not many were exactly alike. You should ask this question to get it on the table and get on the same page.  There are many variations on the subject so get on the same page, think about what you really need and spend your money on your top priorities.

    5. Why should I choose you?

      Want to see a sales person sweat?  Ask this question and don’t let up.  Find the answer that’s right for you.  Let your decision criteria determine the fit between you and your provider.  Find a vendor that speaks your language.  Who do you get along with?  Can you work with this group for at least 5 years?  Know what your decision criteria are and stick with it.  If the team on the other side of the table doesn’t sweat, take a closer look.  You might be on to something.   By the way, its not bad to tell someone they are not a fit.  It’s actually a relief for them.  They will appreciate the honesty and the reclaimed time to their day.

    Do you have more than five questions? If so, schedule some time with Ryan. During your no obligation consultation, we're happy to answer any questions that you have.



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