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Changes to Kofax Capture Support

    Changes to Kofax Capture Support

    Kofax 11.0 was released last fall with their product support dates updated per the table below.

    Traditionally, Kofax has supported 3 versions of their capture platform before pushing a version into end of life, but that policy has changed with the release of version 11.0.  The matrix below is being provided to reinforce this change in longstanding policy.

    DTI Technical Services Team is actively reviewing each Kofax customer for upgrade eligibility, and is available to assist you with understanding the status of your product version, and whether or not it may be time to upgrade. 

    Limited Support 
    Date Start
    End of 
    Support Date
    11.0 9/20/17 9/20/20 9/20/21
    10.2 2/27/15 2/27/18 2/27/19
    10.1 8/29/14 10/19/17 10/19/18
    10.0 12/13/12 10/19/17 10/19/18
    9.0 1/18/10 10/19/17 10/19/18
    8.0 4/16/08 n/a 1/1/13


    Tell Me About Kofax Upgrade Options

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