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Yacory brightens the office with her contagious smile and positive attitude. She considers her co-workers apart of her family.

She loves working at DTI not just because it is one of the leading companies but also because of the company culture and work environment. From the owners, managers, and co-workers to the office pet “Mily”, she loves being surrounded by wonderful people. “My DTI team members are great professionals, but also kind, thoughtful, understanding, caring and loving. I think is rare to find all that in a work environment, but I am happy and humbling grateful to say that I found an extended, beautiful family in all of them, what a blessing!”

She has a passion for cats, nature, coffee, and shoes. Loyalty and honesty are two things she values the most and she considers love as the main ingredient to a happy and rewarding life.

Yacory was born in Peru and came to America 21 years ago. She was not disappointed by the decision to move here and considers living in the U.S. a great blessing. She is married with one child and one spoiled chihuahua named Dora. She considers the Bible to be "the most important guide for my life and the most beautiful love letter for my soul." She enjoys traveling with her family, visiting relatives, and shopping! She spends summertime at the beach, out dining, and watching movies. She returned to school to update her resume and learn new skills that will help her find a job. After some rewarding but temporary experiences, she found the perfect job at DIT Integrated Business Solutions.

Outside of work, she is dedicated to her family, she loves to spend time friends, enjoys reading and hiking. 

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