Want to make a substantial impact on your business or department? We help you automate, control, and improve critical operation centers of your business. Hiding in the bottlenecks and choke-points in your processes are valuable gems of improvement and real dollars costing your organization.

Accounts Payable invoice automation, Accounts Receivable, and Human Resources are common areas affected by these bottlenecks. We can help reduce transaction times and errors in AP, improve collection times and customer service experiences, and help you control and safeguard against loss and liability from compliance audits. Our goal with every implementation is to help you focus on your business, not administrative tasks, and avoid the pains of rush payments, backlog of customer requests, and cumbersome audits.

  • AP Workflow – Stream line and control the payment and approval process. Rule based workflow automatically routes invoices for approval and cut processing times by 60% or more.
  • Customer Service – Improve the customer experience and sticky value by streamlining their experience and providing access to their account information and ability to make changes.
  • Human Resources – Utilize electronic forms and scanning solutions to create a digital HR file with more security and control than is available in paper. Streamline the onboarding and audit processes by providing the right information at the right time in a secure manner.
  • Field Service Solutions – Enable your field service teams to access critical client files from tablets and smart devices and update billing systems while on site with the client. Shorten the window from billing to collection and provide superior service!

DTI’s design, implementation, and support teams provide exceptional process improvement solutions, including document capture, imaging and workflow, collaboration, and records management, that seamlessly integrate with leading ERP systems to deliver:

  • Streamlined operations and decreased cycle times with secure, on-demand access to documents routed in accordance with content-centric workflows
  • An enterprise-wide document repository resilient enough to support sophisticated applications and consolidate your systems; and
  • Cost savings resulting from reducing paper handling, storage and shipping.

At DTI, we believe it’s important that our clients receive the maximum benefit from their enterprise content management systems. Consequently, our time-tested approach ensures the right application solution is selected, tailored to best address organizational requirements, and efficiently integrated into your business and technical environment.