Every day, organizations lose productivity time as employees store important files on laptops, keep paper-based copies of critical information, and fail to document and save critical verbal or other communications. Without a structured document capture, storage, and retrieval process, inefficiencies, inaccuracies, and missing information abound. That’s why, at DTI, we view document capture (i.e., scanning or electronic import) as a crucial foundation to a solid content management platform.

Business critical information exists in many forms including paper documents, PDF files, Office documents, emails, web pages and other electronic information. At DTI, we offer solutions to streamline the capture of business critical paper and electronic documents, such as accounts payable (invoices processing), insurance claim documents, bills of lading, expense reports, human resources files, and other business documents, knowing that your documents may be in a central location or dispersed across many locations.

DTI offer standards based capture technology, automated indexing options, and flexible implementation methods, that are fully compatible with line-of-business systems to capture, manage, store, and retrieve mission critical business content.

Document Capture

  • Uses a centrally-located, high volume capture system for all content types, including paper and electronic documents, to deliver business content to a central repository;
  • Offers streamlined automated indexing options via optical character recognition (OCR), bar code recognition, and database linking;
  • Increases document processing efficiency via a high-speed capture process with production-level document scanning and indexing capabilities.

Distributed Document Capture

  • Enables organizations to easily capture images from remote locations;
  • Is highly scalable, meeting the needs of organizations with 10 or 10,000 remote capture locations. Supports multiple input devices, including TWAIN-compliant desktop scanners, multi-function devices (MFDs), and even digital cameras. Is easy to configure and intuitive to use (even with little to no training).

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