COMPASS by DTI is a new replacement option for VCM and Invoice Router, designed specifically for the many businesses who are deeply enmeshed with these programs, and find themselves with no options for upgrade and support.

Compass is a solution that includes workflow, dashboards, and integration tools allowing you to peel away VCM components and replace them with upgraded and updated components.  These components are already integrated with ApplicationXtender so there is no need to replace your core image repository or deal with the risk and expense of migrating to a new system.

What Functionality does COMPASS by DTI Provide?
Some of the benefits COMPASS provides are:

  • Replaces and enhances VCM functionality on a more modern platform;
  • Removes the risk and expense of a migration, enabling you to further extend the life of your existing platform;
  • Extends greater workflow functionality (is not limited to AP);
  • Provides workflows for:
    • Contracts
    • HR
    • Compliance
    • and others
  • Provides better insights and reporting, along with Dashboards;
  • Continued development of solutions for the construction industry, which include:
    • Electronic forms
    • Case management
    • Robotic process automation

As a VCM Support provider, DTI has fielded numerous requests for a bridge product. VCM customers have been looking to utilize their existing platforms but expand the feature set while also receiving full support. DTI already provides integration services and support, so developing a bridge product was a natural solution for our team. We have developed COMPASS to address the needs of VCM customers while allowing them to capitalize on (and extend the lifespan) of the investments they have already made with the VCM product. We’re pleased to be a solution provider, and are proud of this timely solution that has been so widely requested and needed within the industry.

How does COMPASS by DTI compare price-wise to other replacement options?
In general, it is half the price of lateral replacement products (like FileBound, which offers similar, entry-level functionality sets to VCM), and one third the price of Full ECM products (like OnBase, offering more encompassing features and enterprise class functionality).