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OnBase centralizes your important business content in one secure location and then delivers your relevant information to you when you need it, wherever you are. Once your information is under control, your legal retention requirements are implemented automatically, giving you total visibility into the status of your processes, documents and information.

So what is OnBase? It's a flexible enterprise content management (ECM) solution that helps organizations manage documents and data to streamline business operations. Integrating with everyday business applications, it provides instant access to critical information whenever and wherever you need it. Further, it gives you what you need today and evolves with you over time whether deployed via mobile, cloud or on-premises.

How do we help? DTI is a reseller and integrator of Hyland products, and can help you determine the right fit for your goals, infrastructure and budget. Our engineers have the knowledge and experience needed to assist you with all aspects of your unique project — from integration, to data capture, database optimization and project management. We strive to be not just a provider, but also your trusted ECM advisors and enterprise technology consultants and also have expertise with a number of other products, platforms and applications which may benefit your implementation.

Do you have more complex needs? No worries — complex solutions are our specialty! DTI will collaborate with you to ensure your project contributes to both your short- and long-term enterprise goals, with the flexibility to evolve as your needs change. Our white glove support provides second-to-none, timely, responsive service so that you can focus on what you do best.

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