Removing paper from your processes quickens business cycles, drives productivity, and increases revenue

Not all e-forms are enterprise class. An enterprise-class mobile forms solution is flexible enough to engage any device and any database. Mi-Corporation was the first e-forms company to tie a variety of devices – iPads, Android Slates, Windows Tablets, Digital Pens – to diverse corporate back-end systems. Mi-Corporation has years of proven experience interfacing with enterprise databases, mobile computing, and ECM/EDM systems.

Back-end considerations should never compromise the form filling experience. While our forms have an intuitive paper-like feel, they gather accurate, rich data by prompting the user with intelligent feedback. Calculations are performed and alerts can be triggered when business rules are violated.

Beyond the Mi-Forms Client itself, the Mi-Forms system includes:

  • Mi-Forms Designer – Easily create forms with deep functionality.
  • Mi-Forms Client – Intuitive and innovative data capture forms.
  • Mi-Forms Server – Accelerate your business processes.
  • Mi-Forms SDK – Integrate Mi-Forms into your software and applications.

Mi-forms Field Service Brochure

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