Manufacturers are challenged with managing huge amounts of data and making decisions utilizing this information to drive the organization. But what if the analytics used to make decisions aren’t precise, complete, or timely? This can pose negative implications on many subsequent decisions across the supply chain and the entire operation.

The principles of LEAN and Six Sigma push organizations to a more efficient and focused organization by removing clutter, distractions, and inefficient processes from the business. We can help bring these concepts to all areas of your company including Operations, Finance/Accounting, HR, Quality, and Governance, Risk,and Compliance (GRC). If your company has interest in improving any of these areas, we can help.

DTI helps manufacturing organizations build the proper strategy and process methodologies through a holistic approach. We look at operations from top to bottom and identify challenges influencing employees’ job tasks, business processes and infrastructure across the shop floor. Through partnership, consultation and identifying the right mix of technology, our goal is to simplify manufacturing operations to maximize organizational sustainability.

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