For more than 25 years, DTI has leveraged its Customer Business Focus™ approach to successfully help clients integrate efficient accounts receivable processes that deliver impressive results, including:

  • Greatly enhanced financial health through positive cash flow, reduction of bad debt and decreases in days of sales outstanding
  • Significant increases in customer satisfaction through improved responsiveness and record keeping.

At DTI, our customized accounts receivable solutions use sophisticated capture and content management tools to automatically associate orders, check images, remittance advice and other system generated documents, such as order acknowledgements and outgoing customer invoices.

DTI’s accounts receivable processes for order management has helped many clients strengthen internal controls, maintain unitized files, reduce opportunities for human error and misplaced files using workflow, minimize bottlenecks, trim costs, and provide immediate access to content, maximizing efficiency and quickly resolving customer issues.

At DTI, we know that helping organizations alleviate paper-intensive business processes is simply good for business, resulting in increased efficiency, greater process control, and substantial ROI.

In today’s fast-paced world, your organization simply can’t afford to get lost in the complex order file process. We invite you to join DTI’s most efficient clients, who are strengthening their market share, financial position and customer satisfaction by allocating payments when received and swiftly delivering goods and services.