Customers currently deployed on Optika, Stellent, or Oracle Imaging and Process Management (I/PM), (now called Oracle Webcenter Content Management) solutions are quickly coming to terms that their existing applications have become outdated. Evaluating the proper next step is critical in protecting your business information. Should you upgrade to Oracle Webcenter 11g or take another path?

Many of you have considered the move to Oracle 11g but have probably found the migration to be more expensive than expected. Additional software costs, expensive consulting fees, and lengthy project cycles are common in that path. The reason is that this is not an upgrade but you will have an entirely new product, new solution architecture, and different feature set. If you take that route, be sure to carefully understand what features you currently use in IPM and are not in the new product.

Many of DTI’s clients have decided the better option for them is to leave the Oracle platform and select another product that is better suited to their needs. We have successfully completed many of these migrations for clients resulting in lower annual maintenance costs and shorter project cycles compared to Oracle Webcenter migration.

Wherever your path leads, we are here to help. We maintain a staff of certified Oracle experts as well as other software platforms and can guide you through the process.